FEBRUARY 22, 2019

We’ve been working tirelessly to try stick to our original plan and activate both AF-053 & AF-059. As mentioned below we recently hit a brick wall  with news that Sept Freres is off-limits. However, in the coming weeks / days it appears we will have some good news to share!

FEBRUARY 5, 2019

Plans to activate Sept Freres AF-059 have taken a major twist. Our guide in Djibouti recently passed an urgent message insisting that it was now not safe for Europeans to visit the Khor Angar region. This is in light of two tragic boat sinking incidents which led to the deaths of over 50 migrants.

Since activating AF-059 is our primary aim of the expedition – Khor Angar is the departure point for Kaḏḏa Dâbali Island – we will now take stock of the situation and decide best way forward. 

  1. JANUARY 15 – Christian EA3NT joins the team !

  2. JANUARY 10 – LoTW certificate received

  3. JANUARY 6 – VOACAP predictions here [thanks OH6BG]

  4. JANUARY 5, 2019 – J20DX logo by GM0OBX. Download here

  5. DECEMBER 31 now live

  6. DECEMBER 26 – J20DX callsign approved / license granted

  7. DECEMBER 2, 2018 – License application sent to Djibouti Telecom