APRIL 12/13/14, 2019 — MM0NDX & MM0OKG depart Edinburgh for Djibouti via Stockholm & Doha. EA3NT travels via Barcelona & Paris.

APRIL 13/14, 2019 — QRV from city hotel as J20NT. This activity mainly CW.

APRIL 15/16 — Meet our guide. Boat across Gulf of Tadjoura then 4×4 pick-up to Khor ‘Angar campsite directly opposite Sept Freres, AF-059. Overnight campsite.

APRIL 16 to 18/19 — Local fishing boat out to Kaḏḏa Dâbali Island and QRV from AF-059 as J20DX. We aim to stay as long as possible so dates could extend, therefore affecting AF-053 activity below.

APRIL 18/19 to 19/20 — Sail from AF-059 to AF-053. QRV as J20DX/P from Moucha Island for ~24hrs until early 20th.

APRIL 20 — Possibly QRV from city hotel as J20NT that evening for a few hours only.

APRIL 21 — Return to Scotland & Spain.

NOTE: We will have a SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker on us. It will be activated and ready to view / share once we get underway.